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Business Doctors Cardiff Receive National Award

John Nelligan


Business Doctors Cardiff Receive National Award

Graham Morgan, Director of Business Doctors Cardiff,  was presented with the Team Collaboration Award at the recent Business News Wales 2018 conference.

Business Doctors provide information, support and guidance to many Business Owners seeking to achieve their aspirations and ambitions for their businesses and has operated in Wales since January 2016.

Business Doctors are very aware that there is a significant range of matters that can arise in building a family business. Being there to support Business Owners when the going gets tough and lending that all important ear is central to what Graham offers.

Graham said,  ‘it was certainly a surprise to be presented with the Award for doing something I really enjoy. Being able to add value and see Business Owners benefit has always given me a real buzz’.

Being a Business Doctor is very much about demonstrating knowledge and experience in all aspects of running a business to ensure maximum value can be added in all situations which arise. Breaking down key business areas into simple plans that can be effectively implemented is at the core of the support on offer.

Typically, Business Doctors work with Business Owners and their Management Teams to build a robust 3-year strategic plan that can be broken into ‘bite size chunks’ and implemented for the benefit of all within the business. Building sustainable profitable growth plans that allow business owners to make choices and achieve the right work/life balance for them is what it is all about.

Business Doctors offer a no obligation free Business Health Check to any business owners that wish to consider what they could do differently in their business. Details