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The future of video marketing

John Nelligan


For every business in every sector, digitalisation is creating the biggest change that business owners have faced since the Industrial revolution. Standing still is not an option if your business is going to thrive and grow in this new era!

In many ways we are heading for a perfect storm as analytics have advanced considerably. The ability to dissect and breakdown markets, and the customers within them is now far easier than ever before. Your products and services need to be marketed with ‘Impact.’ And have a very clear call to action, primarily driven through your website. Which in turn needs to be device friendly.

Attention seeking

The attention span of consumers has reduced significantly as information available on any subject you care to think of has literally mushroomed! In essence you have less than 10 seconds to hook folks in and your messaging should fall under these broad areas:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Education

This is where short video clips can have the desired impact and get your message across. By ticking a number of communication boxes with which your chosen audience can resonate. It is very acceptable to use modern phones and similar devices to capture things as they are. So there is a genuine feel to what you are putting out. Waiting to professionally prepare a video clip may not be the best option. But this depends on your brand, your products and your market.

As with any aspect of business your video marketing should be part of a clear plan. Linking in traditional marketing activities, social media, SEO and your website. These elements should not exist in isolation but be totally looked together and your video material available through the respective access points.

The guiding principle being – Plan, Implement, Review, Refine & Repeat. Alongside keeping an eye on the competition and what they are doing is more important than ever. Using video marketing does not result in a quick fix to business generation, but will build over time if there is consistency and quality to your activity.

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