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Win when you can.


It was Picasso who basically stated that action is the foundation to all success. And he was right – to a point. The foil to that sentiment is that taking appropriate and timely action is the key to being focussed and successful. Action for activity’s sake is a recipe for being that other well known cliché, a busy fool. Like the football team that does just enough to win, we can all think of examples of that, or the athlete that is capable of breaking a world record but only does so when suits, being focussed on the objective and taking just the right effort and action to achieve it are both traits that businesses would do well to observe and emulate.  It allows reserves of effort and energy to be built up for when they are most needed, avoiding losing out when you were more than capable of competing and winning.

Being balanced and objective about your own, or your company’s, abilities and capabilities is a vital tool here, ensuring you apply the focus to the right situations to gain the maximum benefit. Chasing an unobtainable goal or trying to compete where you have no differentiation or advantage is ill judged and misguided. Try to be objective and realistic and your time and efforts will have more chance of being rewarded positively.