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Why sharing my skills has made a big difference


“A little over two years ago, I volunteered my services to Cheshire Connect when they explained their aim of connecting Businesses and Charities together for the betterment of both parties.

As a strategic planning specialist (among other things), it was soon apparent that by spending a relatively small amount of time with the charities matched to me, those running the charity immediately benefited from a different perspective and in some cases simply being encouraged to review and plan their activities in a different way from their ‘status quo’.
So the charity benefits simply by gaining access to a skill set that they generally might not have, and generally can’t buy in, and subsequently make significant steps towards their immediate goals.
But whats in it for the donor business?

In our time-starved, hectic, commercially-driven lives, there is an almost unquantifiable feel-good factor when contributing to and sharing in the success of the charity achieving a milestone or significant step in its plans.

Cheshire Connect is by definition working in Cheshire, this means I am working locally and helping local charities all of whom are in some way or another helping improve something for our local communities.
The difference a little assistance makes to a small or medium charity has far more impact than say a few hundred pounds’ donation to the large / national charities.
Its much (much!) easier than running a marathon to raise money for a charity !!…..”  

Read the full article written by Donna Okell – CEO Cheshire Connect here