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Why Running a Business is like Training for a Marathon!

Yes, I have taken the plunge and entered my first (and probably last?!) Marathon.

As a busy Business Coach, I am routinely encouraging my clients to set clear objectives and some straightforward ‘how are we doing’ checks over time.  And here is the similarity…I have a clear goal / objective in that I want to run 26.2 miles on the 8th April.

My training plan consists of increasing the distance I can run as to date the furthest I have managed was a ½ Marathon after which I swore “never again” . so I now have a monthly mileage target to build up (as recommended by all good running advice).

And here’s a table that any one who knows me through work will immediately see the link

Having failed miserably in December the Red warning light has immediately spurred me on such that January will see me back on track.

As a business owner insert  turnover / profit targets into the table and ensure all your efforts go into hitting those targets.

And the final similarity, I have enlisted the services of a coach to help motivate me through the tough weeks and drive me on to achieve my goal…… because it can be just as lonely training in the cold and dark for a marathon as it is running a business.

You can find out more about my marathon journey and fundraising efforts for Alzheimer’s Society here.

Kevin Cook offers a free 60 minute business health check for businesses interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07801 399508 or at

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