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Why Innovate Within Your Sales Process?


Over two thirds (67%) of companies questioned in the latest Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) National Barometer Survey feel that increasing sales at home offered them the best chance to expand.

The same companies stated the biggest challenge is access to skills (71%), whilst marketing and creating effective sales channels were the next major concerns.

We are all aware that it is no longer sufficient to employ the same processes, systems, methods and thinking within in our business and expect improved results. Innovation is all around us with new technologies, in particular, causing our working environment to change on a daily basis. Often we can focus on innovation in areas such as product development yet leave our approach to sales unchanged.

The foundations of successful sales such as customer focus, the correct product offering and resilience in the market place always remain. The challenge we face is whether have we recently reviewed our approach to these areas and how we engage our customers.

Opportunities to leave our daily routine to review what we currently do, and consider what we might do differently can be rare.

The full ERDF funded Innovation within your Sales Process workshop offers 2 days of challenging, thought-provoking interaction with other sales professionals and business owners. Along with 1-2-1 coaching this inspires innovation and helps to ensure that individuals and organisation can achieve their maximum sales potential.

Kevin Deutsch – Sales Assistance