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What’s all the fuss about Cloud Computing


My early sales background was with Kalamazoo Business Systems who overlapped pieces of paper to significantly streamline all manner of systems before we had computers – from payroll, to sales and purchase ledger, stock control, cheque writing to sales reporting.  

I was one of the early members of the computer division at Kalamazoo we were at first selling dual floppy drive computers – I remember a 5Mb hard drive being introduced as something of a revolution.

Fast forward to today and someone decided to call software as a service/remote storage – cloud computing – it to me is one of the misnomer’s of our time.  Cloud Computing is simply using the internet to access software or store items on someone else’s big server rather than your local storage device – no more complicated than using catch up TV or watching movies on a digital provider.

Somehow the mention of Cloud still seems to make people – possibly more the older generation – nervous about its security and reliability.  The younger generation, comfortable with all the modern technology they’ve grown up with, don’t question its ability or name they just get on and use it.

As access to the internet becomes more and more reliable with fibre broadband becoming the norm, acceptance of this way of working is essential to allow businesses to progress quickly and adopt the modern systems that allow them to work from anywhere on any device – with the need for a sophisticated hardware set up nearing extinction being rapidly replaced by a fast internet access multi use device.