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“What if?” – Does your business have a plan?


There are many external factors driving change in today’s business markets. What if the evitable happened? How flexible, agile and well prepared would you, your staff and your business be to adapt?

Big or bad news sells and generates many interesting news articles. Every minute of every day there seems to be someone on radio, TV, social media or even in the works canteen debating:

  • What if on June 23rd the UK decides to exit the European Union?
  • What if Donald Trump becomes US president on the 8th November?
  • What if oil prices drop below $25 a barrel?

And a bit closer to home,

  • What if, NuGen gets the go ahead for the Moorside nuclear power station in 2018? 
  • What if we experienced floods again, similar to 2015 in Northern England?

All the knowledge we have is based on our learnings from past experiences and all the business decisions we make today effect our business results and performance tomorrow and in the future. So if one of the events above actually occurred, would you know, what you need to do?

To learn how to future proof your business click here 

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself, it is to act with
yesterday’s logic” – Peter Drucker

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