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Weekly Business Viewpoint – Week 2: Do you understand how to strategically improve sales?


Winning sales is a bugbear for the majority of owners of small and medium sized businesses. Whether it is the responsibility of the owner, or that of a sales team, driving sales into your business at the right time to ensure a consistent income can be tricky.

We don’t all have to be one of the desperate ‘sales pros’ from The Apprentice to be a success at sales. The way to really understand your sales process and make the improvements necessary to see an increase in the conversion from prospect to customer is through understanding what your customers really want, and planning to achieve these results for them.

Developing a strategic method to your sales activity will help you:

• Be more competitive
• Strengthen existing customer relations
• Develop new and existing revenue streams
• Transform products/ services into revenue in a cost effective way

Sales need not be a swear word in your business, it can be fun. Yes really! If you’d like to talk further about the value of developing a strategic sales management approach with your business then please contact Business Doctors for a Free Health Check.

For further information on the sales processes developed by Business Doctors for their customers click here.