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Value Builder Series – 8 Factors driving value in your business


Are you looking to grow your business and ultimately increase its value up to 71%?

In this series we share with you the 8 factors that if improved, increases the value of your business. The series is co-authored by John Worrillow and based on the study of 16000 businesses surveyed as part of a global initiative to improve business performance.

Is your business your largest asset? Achieve a Value Builder Score of 80+ and based on research from thousands of test cases – your company will be worth 71% more than the average business.

Be Sure to work through the entire series and remember it’s better to do this if you know your score before you start!

Below is a link to the Value Builder score as well as links to the details behind the 8 Factors: 

  1. The valuation technique used by professional business buyers;
  2. The three attributes of a scalable business model;
  3. How to bulletproof your business from demanding employees, overbearing customers, and suppliers who hold you hostage;
  4. One simple technique for eliminating cash flow worries;
  5. The one kind of revenue that can triple the value of your business;
  6. The two essential elements of your marketing plan you need in order to avoid commoditisation and costly price wars;
  7. The one question you need to ask your customers to predict the likelihood that they will buy again in the future and refer you to others.
  8. Are you working IN or ON your business

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The Value builder score is an easy way to instantly see how well you are performing against the 8 Factors that drive value in your business.

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