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They are just not that into you.


For many business people the whole essence of being in business is to work with others and get them to work with you. For others, just getting the job done and getting paid is their dream scenario.

For the most part the best place to be is probably somewhere in between.

Most new SME business people spend a lot of their time trying to get to know all the right people, not say the wrong thing, charge the right amount etc. however, what many of them fail to do is to PLAN how these relationships should be managed and work out what the outcome of these relationships should be. 

What are you looking for in a business partner?  What have they got that you want? (Cash is nice but often it’s more than that)

Most importantly, what have you got to offer them that THEY want? 

Remember the bit at the top about working with others?  Many “newbies” on the scene make the mistake of just selling what they do and at what price. This is fine if whatever widget/service you sell is a commodity that everybody wants but what if it isn’t?  Creating a good working relationship can take time and a lot of effort.

Partnership building is about being greedy not needy.  This might sound odd after reading the last paragraph but think about it.  Any good long standing partnership needs to start with the premise that you are BOTH going to get something out of it.

Be Bold. Make room in the conversation to show what you can do for them but also give them a good idea about what you are looking to gain also.  Show passion and commitment to the relationship and its aims.

The being needy concept is a difficult one.  We all need something from our business life but there is an invisible line that is very easy to cross if you are not careful, and its often more damaging in the long term.

If they are not calling you back it’s because you are not on their mind.

If expectations are created and then not followed through its likely that the bigger fish you want to catch (the money spinner) is unlikely to be caught.

A good rule of thumb is three strikes and you’re out.   Sometimes it’s better to move on to a different pool than keep dangling your net in a puddle.

There are plenty more fish in the sea as they say…..and things never stay the same in business.  Play the waiting game.

It’s a fact though that sometimes they are just not that into you.