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The Big Leap for women scaling up their business


Are you a businesswoman ready to take her business to the next level?


Did you know that :-

“The UK is the start-up capital of Europe, attracting more venture capital than any other European country, yet only one in three UK entrepreneurs is female. In comparison with 15% of women in Canada, almost 11% of women in the US, and over 9% of women in Australia and the Netherlands, only 5.6% of UK women run their own companies.”

The Rose Report March 2019

As a Bank, NatWest recognise that female entrepreneurs want

  • Access to business support,
    skills and training
  • Mentoring
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to finance

“As an individual I have undergone the Bank’s accredited programme which is recognised by Chartered Banker and certified by Everywoman.

Together with a team of leading women in business, we  have put together this event with quality speakers who will deliver an engaging and informative morning aimed at women who are looking to take their business to the next level.”


Chris Lyle

Business Growth Enabler

NatWest, West Kent & Sussex





NatWest Bank, with Sandra Murphy and Karen Burge have collaborated to bring you a morning of speakers looking at various aspects you consider when making ‘the big leap’.


This free event will be packed with value, information and insights from experts in sales, HR, funding, mindset and PR.


“The advancement of female entrepreneurs is a £250bn opportunity for the UK economy. Access to funding, risk aversion, primary care responsibilities and perception of skills are among the barriers female entrepreneurs need to overcome. “The Rose Report March 2019”


Our speakers are:


Sandra Murphy

Sandra is a business adviser with over 25 years experience of setting up, running or working with SMEs. Her two pet hates are hard sales and poor sales simply because she believes that neither deliver a positive customer experience. Her presentation will focus on how to avoid both and – more importantly – look at the alternatives.


Karen Burge


Karen has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, and now as a Life Coach and Business Mentor works with entrepreneurs who are facing various challenges when trying to expand their business in an already full and frantic life. She will be talking about the mindset required to become a successful business woman and how often asking different questions can move you forward faster!


Islay O’Hara

Islay is a public relations consultant with over 20 years experience working for and advising both organisations and individuals. Islay will speak about the Power of PR for growing businesses, demystifying what can seem like an overwhelming subject.



Gillian Palmer

Gillian runs her own very successful business, Lending Made Simple. With 20 years of experience in building, acquiring and selling businesses she is perfectly placed to talk about the importance of a healthy cash flow. Gillian will explain the lessons she has learnt, how to prepare for cash flow issues that may occur, and the alternative funding that’s available when you’re ready to expand.


Theresa Pruvost

Theresa is Managing Director of Harris HR consultancy Ltd and she is an accomplished HR and Operations professional. She works with business owners to help them meet their legal obligations and to embed positive HR processes that reduce staff and workplace issues.


Theresa will be discussing key factors that business owners need to consider if they are employing staff for the first time or growing their existing team.



Event Date & Time




Wednesday 5th June 2019, 9.00am to 1.00pm BST




Cisswood House Hotel

Sandygate Lane

Lower Beeding

RH13 6NF


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