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Supply chain improvement program


In the construction sector most companies are often reliant upon their supply chain yet few really embrace choosing to develop the smaller companies or consultants they engage. Would you like help developing them, so managing them is easier?

The web of interactions between suppliers and clients becomes ever more complex, yet some companies ignore the benefit that could be gained by interacting in a collaborative manner with the supply chain. They simply pass down conditions from the head output and focus on risk management and compliance.

Companies that have sustainable supply chains create value by understanding their context and issues. Typically, the types of engagement include:

  • Upskilling the supply chain – where they are weak
  • Root cause problem solving of supplier issues
  • Joint problem solving
  • Building long term relationships
  • Treating suppliers as innovative partners

Giving more than work to the supply chain is the start of building a sustainable supply chain. If you would like help with a program to upskill your supply chain please contact me I was a member of the supply chain which Tesco commissioned to reduce the building of a 80000 sq ft store to 18 weeks, so appreciate the benefits for the supply chain and their clients. 

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