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Successful speaking slot for Ian


Oxford Business Doctor, Ian Roberts recently appeared as a main speaker at the November edition of Reading’s leading networking event, the First Friday Club.

Addressing an 80 strong crowd of business owners from the Reading area, Ian discussed the Business Doctors strategy, and the power of being able to visualise success.

‘I took the Business Doctors concept and related it to my own experiences. I talked about the importance of having business goals, writing them down and being able to visualise your dreams.’

The popular monthly event was a great opportunity for business owners to come together to network and make contacts.

Ian invites business owners to do the same at his next event where he’ll be presenting the Freedom Seminar.

Are you stuck in the owners trap?

Do you feel like you are at the centre of your business and there is no business without you?

Would you like more freedom to choose how many hours you work? How often you can go on holiday? Whether or not to sell your business?

The Freedom Seminar provides insight on:

  • How to get more freedom and profits out of a business in the short term
  • Steps to drastically reduce the number of hours business owners spend in their business while simultaneously boosting the profits and sellable value
  • How to build a business into a valuable, sellable asset
  • How to build an asset that can be sold or passed on in the long term 

Ian also offers a free 60 minute business health check for businesses interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07880 355562 or at

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