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September Kick-start?



September may be associated with Keat’s ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ but it’s also the time when many of us have to shake off the last of the summer holidays and get down to some serious slog.


With thoughts now turning to the number of shopping days to Christmas the year is disappearing fast and what appeared to be easily achievable back in January may now be looking like a mountain that needs to be climbed if that business plan is going to be achieved!


So why not do some Autumn ‘spring cleaning’ by throwing out the things you said you would do but don’t really want to do!


Is this being ‘lazy’, well yes but if something is proving too much like hard work chances are you don’t really want to do it and it may be a good time to reassess and establish what it is that you really want to do.


Business plans are great but sometimes we get a little confused about who we are doing them for and in that confusion things creep in which are really not us. These are the things which we find out later either haven’t been done or have not worked out so well.


So stop doing what you don’t want to do! Establish what you really want to do and focus on doing that to the very best of your ability. Then the hard work won’t seem like such hard work and you might just end up achieving what you really wanted rather than not achieving what you thought you wanted.