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Rowley Szilagy expecting 30% growth after calling in Business Doctors


As the end of the recession began to come into view, Liverpool-based company decided it was time to aim for long term growth and called in local Business Doctors Phil Hendy and Gary Lowes; they are now eyeing a 30% growth in turnover.

Rowley Szilagy is a contemporary client-focused building surveying and property consultancy offering more than 30 specialist services including project design and contract services, expert inspections and reports, management and compliance assessments. The company provides practical help and advice to a wide range of commercial, private, public and third sector clients, helping them with their industrial, retail, residential and historical assets and investments.

Launched in mid-recession (2011) by Paul Rowley and Gary Szilagy, the company built a strong, specialised team with heavy investment in the latest drawing and administration software, ITC and surveying hardware. It began trading well by listening to clients’ needs and tailoring services at competitive yet sustainable rates to deliver quality services and encourage repeat business, controlling costs to trade without an overdraft.

With head offices in St Helens, Business Doctors is a network of experienced business people that help small and medium-sized businesses to achieve the next level of growth in turnover and profitability. Phil Hendy and Gary Lowes run Business Doctors Wirral and North Cheshire respectively, providing support with strategy, sales, profit growth, operations, finance and people engagement, helping companies to grow and achieve their vision.

Business Doctor Phil Hendy says: “We began working with Gary and Paul in early 2014. They had already established a firm business with a good customer base and were looking to set the company on a growth path. We worked with them to produce a growth plan which has already seen turnover increase 10% year-on-year and they are now forecasting 30% growth over the next 12 months, with profitability also set to rise through further efficiencies.”

The company has also restructured the business this year and has taken on a new senior member of staff recently, which has enabled the directors to focus on growing the business alongside day-to-day operations.

Rowely Szilagy partner Paul Rowley says: “Business Doctors Phil and Gary have been a great help in getting the business on a sturdy growth track. As well as looking at our overall strategy and internal structure, they worked with us to develop a focussed marketing strategy, which has provided an uplift in more profitable areas of work being delivered and which now forms the long term aims of the business.

“We are proud to be an ethical company and everything that we have worked on has had this as its core value. With Phil and Gary’s help, we have clear strategy for growth and its implementation is now delivering clear dividends.

“Relationship is everything to us and we care, communicate and change to ensure that we understand what is needed to make the next project better than the last. We want our clients to be happy and partner with us in the long term over and above the provision of a service in exchange for fees.

“Over the next three years we want to create more relationships and employ additional qualified surveyors, trainees and support staff to meet the forecasted turnover increase.”

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