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Put People First to Ensure Your Business Grows



Imagine how hard the integration is when the new member of staff cost £85m to employ and comes with the tag of 'the world's most expensive player' as in the case of footballer Gareth Bale and his recent high-profile transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid.

Getting employee buy-in when making changes to an existing team is critical to success. 


Making everyone aware of the reasons for a change and the need to seek a new staff member to complement the skills already in-house will help to ensure a successful integration.


In the case of Gareth Bale, he has usurped existing Madrid player Christiano Ronaldo as the most expensive player in world football, a great deal of ego massaging will have to be done to ensure a happy working relationship between the two teammates.  Opportunities to involve leading figures in team planning and future business strategy lessens the blow to morale that a new team player may otherwise incur.


Will the team have to change the way they play to accommodate his style? 


How do they change without diminishing performance? 


Business Doctors believe you have to get your staff to share your passion for the company for which you both work.  Engaging and involving staff in changes to the business, and using their ideas constructively and sincerely will lead to a positive response to any transition with resulting new teams and workflows being created and owned by the employees.


We are hosting a 'Putting People First' seminar with HR and employment law consultants Peninsula on October 16th in Leeds.  We will present our strategy for the better engagement of employees in a growing business.  To sign up for this free event visit the event page.