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Plan Ahead Now!


So now is a good time to be planning for growth, reviewing whether you have the people and resources to grow and ensuring that you have the risks of growth covered.

Dust off and refresh those business plans you put together last year and see if things have changed for the better or if they did what you would need to do to benefit.

In terms of investment in your business, there are signs that funding is beginning to ease which could allow you to think about capital equipment or new premises. The commercial property market currently remains weak so if you need to lease or even buy it could be a good time with presently more sellers than buyers.

And two further thoughts, insurance may one area you have cut back on in recent years so it could be worthwhile looking at this and similarly pension contributions if funds allow.

I look forward to speaking to you in this New Year and hope 2014 turns out as you wish or rather as you plan!