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People buy from people.


The answer from Business Doctors perspective is a resounding YES!

Most networking organisations that we are involved with focus on the mantra of “know-like-trust”.  So inspite of the aforementioned “internet age” in which we operate, people generally still like to look you / your business in the eye and form a judgement about you and your ability to deliver either the product or service that you are offering them.

So a very simple tip to improve your sales conversion ratio is to make sure that you you dont just use technology to bombard the world with information (we all know pressing send on a 1000 company mailshot is not really engaging with 1000 prospects dont we?) but to take the time and trouble to get to know your potential customers and build a relationship with them so that they have no doubt that they know, like and trust you.

Ironically (in the context of this item) social media is a great way to give the wider world a deeper insight into your core values and capabilities than the typical ‘elevator pitch’.

So the true tip / lesson here is to engage with existing and potential customers in both the ‘real’ and ‘electronic’ worlds with the aim of helping them to know like and trust you.