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Not getting a return on your marketing spend?


In many of our Healthcheck meetings we are asked about getting a good return on investment on marketing spend. We then always ask to see if our clients have a sales plan, because if you dont know what your product or service is doing for your customers, why they buy off you, what is your “difference” or uniques, then you are probably wasting your money!

You may well have the best SEO / Web plans but unless you get your key messages right then you will not get the response that you have been promised.

A good Sales plan should cover the following (not a full list)

Why are people buying from me, what need do I fulfill for them?

What uniques do I have over my competition?

Where am I in the price ladder (Never be the cheapest!)

What are my Values? Do I display these?

Whats Great about what we do? Where are we vulnerable? Where can we improve?

How woudl we describe what we do to someone we have just met, in a way to get them interested

What does my “Ideal” client look like ?

Building a Sales Plan is a key part of business sucess and must be developed and tested before you rush to your SEO / Marketing man!