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New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for a Stress Free Business Life in 2014


Everyones is different, but from reading around the subject of pressure and stress there are some tips that seem to make sense to me. Try to incorporate them in your lifestyle for a productive 2014.

  1. Eat a diet including protein and carbs – but not too much of the latter
  2. Take a lunch break and go for a walk
  3. Exercise outdoors
  4. Avoid saturated fat
  5. Don't be a slave to email – try to keep up in three short-ish bursts of emaling each day, say morning, lunch and the end of the day.  This could also be relevant to social media if you are a keen tweeter or LinkedIn disciple
  6. Enjoy relaxation – e.g. music, reading, sport
  7. Make sure you take time off!
  8. Avoid over-promising
  9. Don't neglect sources of social support – friends and family
  10. Eat plenty of fruit and veg

I've written the list on my kitchen noticeboard and will use them to remind me of how well (or not!) I'm doing.  I see them as my New Year's resolutions for 2014 and hope they will help me with what promises to be a very productive 2014.

Happy New Year!