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New Year Resolution – Take 2


So what does a Business Doctor have in common with Fit Bit®?

For those not in the know Fit Bit is effectively a pedometer which measures your daily activity and when coupled with its iphone App (other phones are available 😉 gives you a set of goals around activity, calorie intake and even monitors your sleep patterns.  It then sends you a weekly and monthly report to tell you either how active (or lazy) you have been.  What I (a fairly active person to start with) have found fascinating with this device, is that I am suddenly happy to park further away from the door of the supermarket, and take that little longer route when walking my dogs just because I am conscious that I am being monitored.

Again what’s this got to do with Business Doctors I hear you ask! The answer is that a great deal of our work with clients involves setting strategic goals and targets (the easy bit), however my ongoing work with those clients is all about measuring and encouraging sufficent activity to ensure these goals are met and more often than not, surpassed.  This fits in completely with the mantra “What Gets Measured Gets Done”.

So if your New Years Resolution was to be more active / get fitter / lose a few pounds have a look at Fitbit® but if it was to get your business in better shape please talk to your local Business Doctor.

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