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Jeremy goes green (well not quite)


As a result (so Top Gear claims) all 375 of the limited edition 903bhp McLaren P1 supercar have been sold ahead of production.

It just goes to show that good publicity goes a long way toward success, together of course with getting your product and essentially, its timing right as plenty of other now bankrupt electric car makers will verify.

Reputation is hard earned and ultimately has got to be based on a great product or service, good publicity cannot make a poor product or service successful. More and more companies are now coming to the realisation that if they want to be great then every aspect of the organisation has to be great too. Customers can and will vote with their feet if they don’t get a good, even a great experience in dealing with you. In today’s competitive environment it’s essential that businesses are seen to respond to their customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Apparently Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, allows all customers’ access to him via his e-mail address  Customers contacting him with a complaint or a less than great experience results in the dreaded forwarded e-mail to the unlucky executive with Jeff’s worrying? added. As a result Amazon is focussed on giving  a great customer experience and repeat customers and most of us would agree they succeed and are blowing away much of their competition.

So what can you do in your business to improve the experience of your customers from a satisfactory or a good to a great? If you don’t someone else is out there planning to do just that!