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Health and Safety Leadership


I have carried a phrase with me during my career that resonates where ever I go concerning attitudes towards Health & Safety.

“The Standard that you walk past is the standard that you accept, then set”

Leaders of people who walk past a blocked fire escape, ignore staff not wearing protective equipment when they should, trailing leads that could cause a trip hazard set the standard that others will follow, if that standard set is poor then the standard for the business will be.

Leaders have an important role in “not walking past” and engaging to find the cause to prevent recurrence and set a high standards.

Setting High Standards:

  • Performing regular health and safety risk assessments
  • Consulting your employees on their health and safety concerns
  • Providing safety information and training to employees
  • Ensuring the correct facilities are installed throughout the workplace, including access equipment for those with disabilities
  • Implementing first aid procedures and providing adequate training and equipment
  • Introducing an official reporting system for employees to record accidents and work-related diseases
  • Displaying correct health and safety law material
  • Keeping up to date with any legal or regulatory changes

Staying on top of your responsibilities as an employer may seem a daunting task. With detailed planning and help from your employees you can maintain a safe working environment.

The phrase “The Standard that you walk past is the standard that you accept, then set” is not solely for Health & Safety, it can be applied to most business areas like customer engagement, a phone ringing in an office when nobody answers, poor attitude towards a client etc.

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