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Has your business been directly or indirectly affected by this weeks floods?


Whilst you may be frustrated and certainly in some cases still in a state of shock with this weekends events, it’s important that you start taking the steps to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. 

Below are some steps you need to consider and then create a plan 

Insurance – have you contacted your insurance company or agent? Is the accessor booked to visit? 

Ensure you have a list of inventory, documenting everything, listing all items, support with photographic or video evidence, this is crucial and will form part of your claim. Do not throw any stock away or even leave outside the premises unsecured unless you have approval from your accessor to dispose of items – if it goes missing or taken away by the waste disposal teams you may not have any proof of what stock or inventory you had? 

Do you have business interruption cover? Make notes of timings, events and likely business impact. 

Contact as many Customers as you can particularly those expecting delivery of products or services and explain your circumstances. Can you rearrange deliveries, agree new timescales or offer an alternative solution? Explain you are still in business as you don’t want to lose your customers. 

Suppliers – ensure you speak to your suppliers. Do you need to order new stock or to cancel orders, explain your circumstances and negotiate extended payment terms? 

Premises – are they secured and safe? have you informed your landlord? do you need temporary premises?  

Rates – Contact the County Council as they has announced 3-6 months business rates relief for non-occupation of premises due to flooding. 

Employees – can they get to work, if you relocate can they travel, do you need to temporarily lay off staff or change terms of employment? Obtain professional HR advice if you envisage any major changes. 

Finance – How is your cash flow going to be impacted? Inform your bank, do a revised cash flow forecast and talk to your accountant. 

Ensure you get professional advice on any aspects which may affect the viability of your business going forward.  

More information will be released shortly in respect to any Government support and grant funding along with business support for those affected by the recent floods and we will post this when announced. 

Business Doctors Cumbria is working closely with regional organisations to ensure that any support available is directed to those businesses affected by the floods.  

We need to ensure a strong message goes out  “Cumbria and North Lancashire is still open for business”. 

Contact for further information Peter Fleming – Business Doctors Cumbria – 0845 034 2191 –

Additional information


Google drive (shared drive) Cumbria Chamber of Commerce fact sheets and supporting documents


Cumbria Chamber of Commerce  

Cumbria Tourism – Business survey post flood event December 2015 

Cumbria County Council – emergency planning/support

CN Group Spirit of Cumbria Recovery Appeal 2015 – post if you can support/help anyone 

Cumbria Community Foundation flood appeal 2015 – donations required






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