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We’re all told to have goals.  Often choose them because we think we ought to have them – and then routinely fail to achieve them.  This happens because they serve no purpose other than to be there.  Goals are intermediary steps to allow you to take the next steps.  You may have this video about dominos if not, watch it now.

You see, you are the smallest of the dominos.  Your big hairy ultimate vision is the large domino.  If the smallest in the set falls against the largest – you get instant pathetic failure.  In fact, if the smallest falls against any of them but the second smallest, failure would be inevitable. Each successively larger domino is your next goal.  It is the size, shape and capability that you need to achieve before you can tackle the next phase of your overall plan.  That is what a goal is. That is what it is for.  What? You don’t have an overall plan? Perhaps we need to talk.