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From successful small business owner to SME adviser


A Black Country entrepreneur who rebuilt a struggling business on the back of strong ethics has joined the ranks of an elite national network of business advisers who support SMEs.

Harvey Gora spent more than a decade transforming his family’s clothing manufacturing company into a successful pet accessories company, by forging loyal relationships with SMEs and focusing on delivering what customers need.

“When I joined the family business, I got involved in every single aspect – from sales and procurement to admin and finance,” he said. “It was quite an experience. I turned it from a loser into a winner that currently employs around 17 people.”

After passing the mantle to his brothers, Harvey has channelled his passion into becoming a certified Business Doctor for SMEs in the Wolverhampton and Walsall areas, and will be working alongside other Business Doctors in the wider West Midlands area.

“I saw the challenges faced by many of the small businesses and found myself sharing best practices and ideas across the industry. Yet, independents far surpassed the larger corporations in engaging with their customers and providing real added value. In a caring profession this is a must.”

Harvey added “People want to be engaged with in a positive way and by SMEs supporting each other, we can transform that into commercial success.” With a professional background, Harvey is a qualified CIMA management accountant with a nose for numbers and a talent for helping others understand them too. Coupled with strong ethics and practical experience, Harvey is all set to support SMEs the Business Doctors’ way.

This means helping them achieve their vision in a way that is geared to drive business growth, and includes strategies for boosting profits, advice on effective people management, accessing finance, and how to buy and sell companies.

Co-founder of Business Doctors Rod Davies said: “Harvey has a hands-on approach that fits well with our own way of doing things. He’s educated and experienced, and his enthusiasm for providing business support knows no bounds. We’re very pleased to welcome him on board.“

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