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Follow the Light.


I was thinking the other day about how we all seem to do the same thing over and over.  Does it work?  Is it sustainable and repeatable?

Does it matter if we don’t do it?  Are we insane to do the same thing all the time?


I saw a quote once by Albert Einstein which went like this…” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” 


Now there are two ways of looking at that in my view.  The first is that there are some things in life which just work.   Japanese Trains for instance or perhaps the Dyson vacuum.  These are things that you wouldn’t change as they simply do what it says on the tin. They do the same thing all the time and everyone is happy.


The second is that no matter how hard you try the expected result doesn’t quite come off.  Like Photography for instance.


Having spent probably the best part of 40 years trying to achieve perfection with a camera I have discovered that process is the only real way to make a good picture.


The secret process I have learned to take successful photos is to understand the light.  Forget all the gizmo’s and gadgets. Each image is unique and the circumstances that come together to produce it can only happen once.


There are many shades of grey (not sure where this is going yet but bear with me…) however it is the job of the image maker to use the one that fits best.


Each photo that I take needs a particular lighting set up. In most cases this will mean not too dark or not too light but, in some pictures, there is a necessity to use fading light or to highlight the light or shadows in order to produce a more dramatic effect.    It takes a lot of practice and a doggedness to succeed in order to make it work consistently.


Now if I put this into context with what Business Doctors do in our day job, there is also a necessity to be dogged and determined. Each client’s needs and priorities are nearly always different and unique.   Each one has its own shades of perfection and what works for them and it is our job as professionals to offer the best “picture” to suit their needs.


The role of a coach is to help clients to find the right balance of light and dark in what they are trying to achieve.  A so called “bog standard” process will not fit every case but it is generally a good starting point.  The light and dark can be filled in with good customer management skills and a robust strategy document.


There are also many different ways to print a picture but how it lasts all depends on the quality of the paper you use.  With coaching it depends on the quality of the provider. Not every client will be a perfect fit and no coach should be employed purely on the fact that that is what they do.  A strong and repeatable review technique is required by both the client and the coach to ensure that they are right for each other and that the overall “image” for the company is clear and concise.


So Einstein was generally a clever bloke but I think the ideal result lies somewhere in between these two views.   If in doubt though….always follow the light!