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Flamin’ June…What a month!


Well the sun didn’t shine too much but it was one of the hottest and, at the same time, wettest June’s on record.

June 2016 will be remembered for quite a few things. England’s rugby team making history by not only winning a series in Australia for the first time but completing a whitewash. England’s football team crashing out of the Euros without, some would say, breaking sweat. Wales making history by reaching the semi finals of the Euros, and of course the momentous decision that Britain made to leave the EU.

So what can we learn from these events. For me there is one thing that sticks out a mile…..Planning. It would seem that those who had a plan and engaged those around them seemed to fair pretty well. Most pundits commented that Roy Hodgson’s team looked lost with no leaders on the pitch and a lack of confidence in formations they were asked to play. Whilst Eddie Jones knew exactly what he wanted to do, had studied the opposition and understood the challenges he would face. Just look at his replacements for the second test, five forwards, a scrum half and a back, was it any surprise it was a relentless defensive performance? Chris Coleman knew how he was going to play, engaged and involved his players, he didn’t just hand them a plan or worse keep it to himself then tell them what to do on the day. How many times did we witness a team talking and acting as a cohesive group all focussed together on achieving a shared goal?

Then we had Brexit, whether you were an inny or an outy my view is one thing was clear, it was a surprise to everyone. We were Prime Ministerless within hours of the result, and even the Brexiteers seemed to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before going before the media and promptly not saying a word about what their plans would be given the chance, rather say what a great guy the Prime Minister was.
Things are starting to return to normal, with a new Prime Minister in place at least we have a leader/figurehead and from a sporting perspective our thoughts turn to the Olympics in Rio. One thing is for sure those that succeed in Rio, will have had a plan in place for many years to attain the pinnacle at their chosen sport. The same, I imagine, will apply to the way forward for a successful exit from the EU in it’s current format.

For many businesses the summer is a quieter time and as such this is a great time to review where you are now, think about where your business could be, plan for that place and then execute the plan either straight away or involve members of your staff when they return from their holidays.

As I write it is currently the hottest day of the year in London and everyone has a sunny disposition and for some thoughts will be turning to adventures and holidays in countries where the weather is a little more predictable!!  If you’d like a chat about your business – don’t hesitate to call.