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Even Einstein Asked Questions


“if you asked more questions you would enhance your learning and increase your ability to deal with more complex problems”.

I’ve also noticed in a school library, there is a poster displayed on the wall which states “Even Einstein asked questions”.

Being a business owner or senior manager can be a very lonely place. So when faced with a difficult task or complex issue, who do you turn to, to ask for help, guidance or support?

Fantastic if you have a support network complemented with experienced people from different backgrounds, be it your trusted accountant, a solicitor, bank manager, another business owner or members of the family.

However I imagine many of you may not have the luxury of these relationships.

So who do you turn to when faced with a complex challenging issue?

Do you just plough-on using gut feel and the principle that if we worked through it last time, we will muddle through it again this time, continually using the phrase, “It’ll be fine, we will get there in the end!”

But how long and at what cost to the rest of the business does this method take?

So considering the advice my daughter’s teachers have given her, why not pause and take a breath, lift you head up, take a good look around and find out what support is available. By asking some initial questions you’ll find there’s a vast array of professional business support organisations more than willing to support both you and your business.

So next time you have a complex issue, take a leaf from Einstein’s book, don’t battle on, ask someone for advice, pick up the phone and contact the appropriate person or organisation. I’m sure they will be more than willing to give you some professional business advice, which could potentially be free or at least subsidised and well worth the investment of your time.

Remember “it’s not what you know it’s who you know!”

Peter Fleming

Business Doctors Cumbria

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