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Do you ever wish you had acted when you had the opportunity?


I had that experience this week, I’ve seen all the adverts on TV and listened to the jingles on the radio but when that stone chip happened I just didn’t do anything about it and sure enough when I went out to the car this morning the windscreen was cracked from one side to the other. A £75 excess later a useful lesson had been learned.

Most of us in business have those things which we keep putting off whether it’s reviewing the web-site going to visit an existing customer / supplier or looking for that new development opportunity. Yet putting things off can prove expensive in terms of lost opportunities, failing to attract new customers, keeping  and develop existing business relationships or not seeking out that new and potentially lucrative activity,

So this week, ease your conscience and knock something off your list that’s been there for a while, make that phone call and arrange that meeting. Making a decision and acting right away really will help you to feel happier now and ultimately wealthier in the future.

Have you got a stone chip in your windscreen?