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Business Doctors saves the day at trade association conference


It seems Business Doctors are never off duty, even during their annual conference.

When two speakers failed to materialise at the British Vehicle Salvage Federation AGM, organisers Roger and Heather West had only an hour or so to try to save the day.
But fortunately for them, there was a doctor in the house – in fact in the very next room.

Quick-witted Heather and BVSF member Alan Prebble of Silverlake Garage had spotted a Business Doctors’ banner outside the building where the two events were due to take place, and so secretary general Roger went to try his luck by asking for an impromptu guest appearance.
Eager to help out and ever professional, Business Doctors Paul Neck and Andy Mee stepped in and without any preparation, delivered a presentation about the ten steps to securing business growth.

Andy said: “Paul and I were a bit surprised to be put on the spot like that, but we are used to delivering presentations to SMEs, so on the hoof, we were able to make sure it was relevant to vehicle salvage businesses.

“Considering the unlikely nature of us both taking to the stage at the very last minute, we think it went down quite well”.

According to the organisers, it didn’t just go down “quite well” it went down incredibly well, and they have already booked Business Doctors as key official speakers at their 2018 event.
Roger said: “We have never seen the association members take so many notes during a presentation and were absolutely delighted with the content”.
“We look forward to welcoming Business Doctors back next year, this time with a little bit more notice!”

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