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Business Doctors have become a go to resource for many national journalists


The Business Doctors have become a go to resource for many national journalists when writing about UK SMEs

This October and November, Business Doctors were quoted in quality publications including The Telegraph and Better Retailing and on websites including Real Business, PoundSterlingLive and NatWest’s SME site ContentLive.

Jeff Long, Business Doctor for Leeds East, spoke to The Telegraph about how small and medium sized businesses can keep on top of their cashflow.

He said: “My single most valuable piece of advice would be to issue sales invoices as soon as goods are shipped or services provided.

“Don’t save them up and send them out at the month-end. In my experience, the quicker you invoice customers, the more likely you are to be paid on time.”

Maidstone’s Business Doctor Peter Searle was also sort after by The Telegraph, this time, to comment on why SMEs mustn’t become dependent on a small handful of clients.

He told them that “diversifying beyond a few clients is one of the eight factors that increases the value of a business when it is sold”.

Shropshire and Telford Business Doctor Ian Follington was asked about exit planning by the Federation of Small Businesses In his advice article, he offered seven steps to avoid leaving via the back door.

And Chris Simpson, Business Doctor for Gatwick Diamond, was in demand from Real Business to discuss whether the customer is always right. In Chris’s view, not necessarily.

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