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Business Doctors has taken steps to ensure there is more beer in their lives


Six consultants have teamed up to become supplier members of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA)

Jeff Long (Leeds East), Mike Holmes (South Merseyside), Paul Walker (Coventry), Andy Mee (Oxfordshire & North Buckinghamshire), Chris Simpson (Gatwick Diamond) and Richard Tidswell (Avon & Somerset) are now looking forward to offering business growth advice to small brewing companies around the UK – as well as sampling their wares.

Jeff Long said: “As well as being a subject close to my heart, becoming SIBA members is a great opportunity for Business Doctors.

“With no other supplier members offering business support and advice, we are in a very strong position to pick up some very interesting new clients.”

Business Doctors have taken a stand at SIBA Beer X in Sheffield 16-17 March 2017.

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