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Are you too busy to improve?

As a busy Business Doctor, I get to talk to a lot of business owners about all sorts of issues.

Whether it is engaging with ourselves, or grasping a significant challenge around changing something fundamental within the business one of the most common reasons (excuses?) offered for doing nothing is that the Directors or senior management team are all “too busy”.

If that strikes a chord with you then perhaps an A1 print of this in your meeting room could be useful ?

There is no point planning.

Another oft deployed reason to not plan is that things change, so why bother as its “wasted time”. 

If this point is the one that jells with you then think about this diagram and wonder how beneficial it would be to have some extra resource to help you and your business through the ups and downs of progress towards your ultimate goal.  Underneath all the jargon (that Business Doctors try to avoid by the way) that consultants can trot out (anyone up for some “blue sky thinking” ?) that is fundamentally what we do. 

We don’t just coach, we get on the pitch!
Helping you achieve your vision.