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Are you distinguishing the wood from the trees?


Now that the autumn leaves are falling it’s getting a little bit easier isn’t it?
We all suffer at times from failing to see the wood from the trees but once the leaves are stripped away what’s underneath becomes obvious and demands our attention.
It’s the same in business. Each day the ‘leaves’ tend to get in the way and prevent us from focusing on what really matters and the actions which will actually make a difference.
It’s said that if we improve by just 1/3 of 1% every day then over the course of a year we will see an improvement of 100%. Well actually much more that 100%, but how many people regularly focus on improvement, even as little as 1/3 of 1%?
Most of us get caught up in the everyday distractions which need our attention but should not demand ALL of our attention. If we really want improvement then we need to devote time to it. Give ourselves some space in which we get to see the wood from the trees.
If you find this difficult you are not alone. One sure fire way to ensure you do give your attention to the right things is by making yourself accountable. Finding someone who can ask you the awkward questions, ensure you have dealt with the issues which really matter and are staying on track to achieve your business objectives.
So don’t just wait for the leaves to fall, do yourself and your business objectives a favour by getting some help from someone who knows you and knows what you want to achieve and make yourself regularly accountable to them for the changes you know you need to make, for that 1/3 of 1% every day.

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