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Accessing finance is not just about how much!


When your business is in need of finance, the first hurdle – identifying the right type of finance, is often the most important. Whether it is Bank Loans, Overdrafts, Invoice finance, Venture Capital, Private Equity, or any other type of finance, understanding the most appropriate type of finance will dictate what information a potential funder will require in order to make an informed decision.

Many business owners don’t have the experience of dealing with this kind of transaction and therefore aren’t able to provide the right level of information and that’s been a major issue for potential funders, leading to the universal cry of “The Banks aren’t lending!”

The reality is that the banks (along with many other institutions and individuals) are lending and have been throughout the recent recession.

Using the services of a knowledgeable and trusted adviser will pay dividends for businesses owners when seeking out funding, as it will help identify the most appropriate finance stream and ensure a greater chance of success.

A Business Doctor can help you to define your business strategy, create a compelling proposition to funders and present it in the most “investor-friendly” way.

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