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2016 will be the year Business Doctors start to be recognised as a truly global brand


In January, its Indian press launch attracted crowds of 50, keen to find out how this UK grown small business champion could transform support services for the country’s burgeoning SME community. A prestigious two day launch event followed with over three hundred attendees.

April will see Business Doctors launch in Malta, headed up by a duo with an intimate local knowledge of the island’s small businesses.

And in June, although still officially underwraps, the small business consultants have announced that they will take on a whole new continent – and a rather large one at that. Full details to be announced next month.

From the get-go, Business Doctors has been a company with an international outlook.

Since humble beginnings above a Cheshire takeaway in 2004, owners Matt Levington and Rod Davies were set on building a global brand: the go to company for small business consultancy services.

With 42 Business Doctors now operating around the UK, the ambitious pair took their first steps beyond British soil when they launched in South Africa in May 2014. Today, Business Doctors are helping small businesses in eight regions of the country, including Johannesburg, its largest and wealthiest city.