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Are your staff REALLY engaged?

John Nelligan


A worldwide Gallup survey in 2011 found that just 13% of staff were actively engaged with their employer. By the 2016 survey this figure hadn’t changed! Taken in isolation the UK fares slightly better at 17%, but is still flatlining at that rate.

So, what does engagement really mean?

It means staff are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Employers with an engaged workforce enjoy increased productivity, lower absenteeism, higher staff retention rates and a fun, enjoyable company culture.

The first step to truly understanding your staff’s engagement levels is to measure them. But beware, unless you use a validated system that provides information on where you should be focusing, you run the risk of tackling the wrong issues or prioritising incorrectly.

Nevertheless, measurement without targeted action is pointless.

There are four key ways to drive forward staff engagement in your organisation:

  1. Employ the right people – every recruitment process is a chance to increase engagement by looking at personal aptitude and values alongside skills and qualifications.
  2. Develop your employees – look at performance and potential and develop a clear, targeted development plan.
  3. Enhance employees’ wellbeing – create a safe and healthy workplace and review your health and wellbeing interventions.
  4. Listen to your staff – be seen to act on their feedback, even if it’s to explain the rationale behind a decision.

However, as you transform your business through staff engagement remember that this is not a standalone process. Your highly engaged staff must deliver business benefit. The key area to look at is your customers. Use your highly engaged staff as brand ambassadors for the company and drive engagement with your customers.

After all, Gallup also found that when organisations successfully engage their employees and their customers, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.

Can you afford to overlook your staff engagement?
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