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5 signs your business is ready to grow

John Nelligan


Is your business showing the signs?

You can usually see the signs that a business and its owners are ready to invest the energy to take it to the next-level. Below are some indicators that a business is ready to grow.

1. Your heart is in the right place

Owning and running a business takes its toll emotionally. When a business owner’s passion is there for all to see, even after many years of an 60-hour working week. Then we know the business is ripe for growth.

2. You want to improve your work-life balance

60-hour working weeks! Yes, it may sound horrible, but in a great many cases it’s the truth. Business owners frequently approach us wanting to rein in the time spent on their business. This is a good sign. They acknowledge there may be issues that mean they work such long hours, and they are looking for ways to work more efficiently.

3. You know your strengths

Chasing big money contracts that involve non-core work can often distract you. Businesses who know where to focus their efforts and what is the right work to undertake are wasting less time. Business owners need to realise that occasionally they can’t do everything themselves too, and investing in new staff to help move the business forward is a positive step.

4. You can visualize your future

A business owner’s vision of the future is a great starting point to work from when developing a strategy and plan. Sadly, a lot of the time the vision stays in the owner’s head. Turning their vision into an achievable plan helps to develop a future that is easily worked towards.

5. You understand you need long-term commitment

The road to sustained success is often long and winding. Committing yourself, your family and your finances to this journey is sometimes the hardest element of business growth. If you’re committed to this life, then we can help.

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