Jerry Quarcoo – TrinityPlus Healthcare Services Ltd

I write this on behalf of myself and my wife as a sign of appreciation for all the support from the very first time we met to discuss about our interest in establishing a healthcare recruitment agency.

It was such a pleasure and blessing working with Simon. He listened attentively to our ideas and supported us to make our dream, TrinityPlus Healthcare Services Ltd a reality. Simon has a very patient personality, very understanding, supportive, knowledgeable, hardworking and experienced in helping new businesses and existing ones grow. He is always ready and available to be consulted and responds to our requests businesswise within the shortest possible time. His way of motivation works magic.

We will always recommend Simon Grant and his company to new businesses and existing ones who really want to grow and exceed expectations. We couldn’t have done it without his expert knowledge and support.

Thanks very much once again, Simon Grant and Business Doctors.

Jerry Quarcoo, Managing Director, TrinityPlus Healthcare Services Ltd