Steven Jones

I recently had the pleasure of attending your seminar at Hereford, thank you ,Frankly I thought it was excellent and exceeded my expectation. I have more than thirty years of corporate experience and in that time have experienced first hand the whole range of good bad and indifferent training. Your event was clearly well thought through and the material well developed.

The welcome session with refreshments allowed everyone to get comfortable in each others company .
The seminar room well laid out ,comfortable and all the materials set out in advance.
The presentation itself clearly professional, produced to a high standard that you might expect from the Business Doctor brand
The content relevant and broken into easily understood segments that allowed people of all experience and skill levels to access the key points while never seeming trivial. Continually building to a bigger and more complex overall set of ideas and messages . A very well structured learning experience.
Your style , relaxed and friendly a smooth confident delivery, maintaining a good pace but ensuring every delegate could keep up . Allowing room for questions and comments but not allowing the meeting to lose track. Keeping the primary objective in sight at all times .
Every delegate was in a different part of their personal business development. From start up to experienced SME looking for new ways to grow . Everyone I spoke to was sure their time had been well spent . You managed to balance the seminar with skill and judgement.

Jason you delivered everything I might have hoped for and more ,I am certain all your future clients will benefit from your education, experience and personal attributes. But most of all your ability to sense the level at which each individual responds scaling up and down with ease .