Sue Sayer – Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust

Meeting John Pomeroy at a Cornish Partnerships meeting in Hayle was hugely serendipitous and revolutionary for us at Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT). A multi award winning marine conservation charity, CSGRT had become a victim of its own success. Funding for rapid expansion was desperately needed to create capacity to collate records from 350 volunteers, alongside delivering a diverse range of events and inputting research into public consultations for statutory agencies. In addition to a lack of funding, CSGRT needed guidance to crystallise and deliver our vision for seals and people, as well as a systematic plan for its delivery.

Listening to John gave us hope and strategy and after a short initial conversation, John offered to meet me for free consultation. We haven’t looked back. His open, friendly and interested approach, excellent listening skills and genuine desire to meaningfully help us was clear from the outset. John has given us direction, clarity, defined roles and a working business plan allowing us to successfully smash our 2019 funding targets. He brings out the best in us and helps us to discover solutions we didn’t know we knew!  That is his skill, channelling and harnessing our expertise through his business filters to create a clear and effective way forward. We now have four 3.4 paid rangers and John (who we have also funded) and have a bright and optimistic view of the charity’s future, enabling us to help seals more effectively forever! John is a superb business mentor with whom it is a pleasure and honour to work. We cannot recommend him highly enough.