Chris Carpenter

We were feeling frustrated about our growth and uncertain about the future and we knew that something had to change so we approached Business Doctors.
Jason undertook a strategic review with us and guided us to develop our own plan in order to clarify our ultimate aims and vision for the company. With another meeting, we then started to create a practical plan to achieve this. With Jason’s straight talking common sense questions and guidance, this was easy.
Jason then ran an employee engagement session which presented the strategy to our workforce and gave them the chance to contribute. This has given them a sense of ownership of the companys future and has instilled a real sense of excitement and energy in our workforce.
Having a clear plan has really helped us to focus our efforts and has given us a new feeling of direction and confidence within our own business.
Jason is now supporting us in our expansion plans and helping us to stay on track ensuring that we continue to work on the business and maintain momentum for future growth.
Thank you Jason French at Business Doctors.