It’s all well and good investing in the best products/service for your business, but this means very little if your customers aren’t happy engaging with your business!

Your company should be able to identify whether consumers are satisfied with your level of customer service in order to assess how to keep customers loyal and attract new ones.

Here’s 4 signs that you’ve got happy customers.


1. Loyalty

Returning consumers are the hallmark of good customer service! From their first encounter with your business, they’ve had a good experience that’s left a positive impression of your company. Loyalty means a lot in business. Not only are customers choosing to repeatedly invest in you, but they’re also selecting you over your competitors. Maybe they simply prefer your products? Or maybe it’s your drive for customer gratification influencing their loyalty! This should give your company confidence as well as a measurement on your customers happiness.






2. Spreading the word

In addition to continuously choosing to purchase from your business, loyal customers show their happiness by recommending you to friends and family. An influx of new customers may be down to positive recommendation from satisfied consumers. The new clients may tell you that your company was given the seal of approval by their neighbour, friend or family member who found your company to be worthy of recommendation!






3. Social media activity

Social media can be used to gain a deeper understanding of customer experiences with your company. From rating your business to judging your level of customer service, consumers often make their opinions known on social media. Facebook is particularly useful when assessing the happiness of your clientele. Users have the option to like your company page, rate it out of five and share their experience. Customers may want to express their dissatisfaction; Not to worry though, this is an opportunity for you to see what your business needs to improve on and showcase your customer service skills – show potential consumers that you are quick to respond to complaints and that you put your customers happiness first!





4. Feedback

In app / Online surveys

If your business operates through an app or website, you can offer consumers the option to review their purchase or service with ease. Email prompts offer them the opportunity to do so, with links taking them straight to an online survey. This only takes a few minutes and from the results, you gain a needed insight into your customers feelings towards your company. Review sites like Yelp are another platform for people to share their reviews/feedback online.

Direct Feedback

Probably the easiest and most gratifying way of customers letting you know that they’re happy is by telling you themselves. Whether it’s in person or a direct message to your business account over social media, first-hand feedback is the clearest way to gain an understanding of your consumers perspectives.


Final thoughts

Customer happiness is vital for your business. By making customer service a priority, your company is welcoming the opportunity for consumers to loyally choose your business over and over again. Reputation as a business that puts its client’s happiness before its own will also help to attract new customers and ultimately increase revenue.


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