MDG Construction

Due to a huge increase in work my construction business was out-of-control.  Having all the extra work was great, but I was struggling with managing it all and being on-site assisting with the day-to-day stuff.  Simon’s intervention has really helped me grasp what is important to business success, and I now feel that everything is under control.  I can foresee a great future ahead. 

I approached Simon Monaghan to help when it became apparent that I couldn’t cope with the sheer amount of work needed to keep my business moving forward.  As a busy building contractor we had grown quickly – but as we have grown I was loosing control of the detail, day-to-day issues were taking precedence over pushing the business in the direction I had originally intended.

Simon undertook a 1-hour diagnostic health check so he could understand the current situation. Asking difficult questions of my current working practice he quickly got to the root of the problems with MDG Construction.

Simon and his colleagues then undertook a larger piece of work to develop a strategy to help me stabilise the business and take big steps towards planning a more comfortable future work/ life balance for me.

Through Simon’s reasoned approach I began to see past the mental blocks I had built in front of myself, starting to believe I could easily take steps to improve the business through a solid plan-of-action.

I have now employed a Project Manager to assist on site, freeing me up to look at the business from a higher level and not be pulled down into the day-to-day.  I guess delegating tasks is hard for owner/ managers of small businesses like mine.  Simon gave me the confidence that it was the right thing to do, and coached me through the decision making process.

Simon also suggested I utilise the skills of a virtual PA for the administrative tasks I was struggling to complete.  Again, by taking on this advice I have now been given back so much time that I didn’t know existed.

I am looking to further engage Simon and Business Doctors via Growth Accelerator funding to look how we can really push my business forward.  I’ve got big growth ambitions, it’s an exciting time for MDG Construction, that’s something I wouldn’t have said before meeting Simon.