I first encountered Ian when he did a presentation to Oswestry Chamber of Commerce.

Subsequent conversations ensued, resulting in me engaging him to conduct a strategic review of my business, specifically with regards to new markets that I was considering.

Ian took the time to discuss thoroughly my business, and seemed to grasp quickly it’s nature and the challenges that it faces, together with the opportunities that a change of focus would present. This was supplemented by the research that he conducted into the markets in which we operate.

Completing the workbook has proved to be challenging at times, making me question my business, my ethics and also articulating what I am good at, and why a prospective customer would choose to work with my business.

I have found the whole process a positive one, albeit challenging at times. It is certainly a process that I am glad to have undertaken, and now find myself with a renewed enthusiasm towards my business, and the new markets that we have identified.

If you are considering employing a consultant to work with your business, I would certainly recommend that you have a conversation with Ian.