Following a series of one-to-one meetings with David I have achieved exactly what my business needed: a clear and strategic 5-year business plan framework.

After a year going solo I knew I needed to work smarter, not harder, and looked for some wholistic business advice. David brought a depth and breadth of experience to the table, and delivered it in manner bespoke to my business needs. Crucially he offered fresh, creative and objective ideas to enable us to craft my business plan.

I now have a clear vision for my business, a thorough understanding of myself within the business, its dynamics and potential for growth. Thanks to David’s focus and dedicated approach in taking me through the ‘Ten Steps to Successful Business Growth’ I now have the self-reliance and confidence to take the framework forward in a structured and targeted approach to fulfill my vision.

Thank you David for all your input – I’m excited for the future!


Claire Truman – Heritage Revival Design Consultancy