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Hands on support for small and medium sized businesses in Wales

If you are a business owner you are most probably working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘on’ your business.  It is a common theme we often find when working with business owners.  Thats where Business Doctors can help.  Because we are not too close to your business, we are able to look at ways of making your business more streamlined, improve your company performance and ensure you have the right staff in the right roles. We can also help you to evaluate the value in your business so you can decide whether to sell or scale up for growth.

According to, there are an estimated 267,000 active businesses in Wales.

The majority of these are SMEs, which account for over 99% of total enterprises. Of these, micro businesses (0-9 employees) accounted for 95%.

We have been helping businesses in Wales for some time so whether you’re in the manufacturing sector, financial, business services, or tourism, we can help you.