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See the light and discover your ‘Why’


Exactly what are those that you sell to buying from you?

It may at first seem like such a facile question to not be worth the time of day to a busy business owner, but dig a little deeper and there is more to it than first meets the eye.

One clue to the answer is not to focus on the ‘thing’ that you are selling but to what you are actually delivering to your customers beyond your product or services’ functional purpose.

Is the lighting design company selling beautifully designed lighting, the brightness of the lights (lumens) and ease of installation to its commercial sector clients?

Or is it selling the promise of how correctly specified lighting can not only improve staff well-being, but reduce staff turnover and improve productivity?

As an SME, your people are your business and your largest overhead, so offering a potential solution to the perennial conundrum of how to attract and retain the best talent is likely to carry tenfold more weight than one about simple aesthetics.

One thing is certain, to achieve your business vision and personal aspirations, paying attention to your customers’ needs and motivations is critical.

Understanding your ‘why’ has the power to transform your business and the way you engage with your customers as well as continuing to keep you relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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